Fire and Ice Class 10 NCERT English First Flight Poem Explanation, Summary.


About the Author: Robert Frost is an American poet, he is known for realistic depictions of life in his works.

The theme of the Poem: The following poem is a symbolic one where the poet has metaphorically used the words Fire and Ice to represent the two emotions of humans that are Desire and Hatred and how both these emotions are capable of causing irreversible destruction of world or bringing it to an end.


“Some say world…who favour fire”

  • In the following lines, the poet is trying to bring up the pre - established opinions two types of people where some people say the world will end in fire. This can be justified in a way that the Earth is getting warmer day by day as its temperature is increasing.This can cause rapid destruction and outbreaks of fire everywhere.
  • However, metaphorically the poet is putting forward the view that the desire and wants of human beings are so fiery that they can lead to destruction. He says that some people who believe that the Earth will end in ice are not wrong as there is ice everywhere on Earth and if it melts or grows colder with every passing day it could bring destruction the Earth.  Metaphorically, poet says that human beings are capable of carrying in heart is equally enough to end the world.
  • Poet says that he knows many stories of desire causing destruction therefore he favours those who say the world will end in fire. 

“But if it had…and would suffice.”

Here, the poet says that if the Earth has to end twice ice would be enough to do so as fire would kill rapidly but ice is a silent killer meaning that passion and desires end up soon but hatred takes time to breed and kill.


  1. Alliteration - for ex. “Some say”, “Favour fire”, “world will”
  2. Personification - for ex. Fire and Ice granted with the ability to destruct
  3. Anaphora - for ex.” Some say” repeated in two lines
  4. Enjambment - for ex. Last three lines of poem.

RHYME SCHEME: Aba abc bcb