CBSE Class 12 English - The Enemy 

About the AuthorPearl S. Buck is an English actor, comedian, author, and former singer. He has also written and produced for television and is the author of The Enemy book series.



  • Dr. Sadao Hoki
  • Hana
  • Dr. Sadao’s Father
  • General Takima
  • Tom
  • Yumi
  • Gardener
  • Cook

The Theme of the story:

  1. The writer of the story conveys that there comes a time in a man’s life when it is required for him to lift from petty considerations of race, nationality and act in human consideration.
  2. Dr. Sadao being patriotic Japanese hates Americans as his enemies. One day a prisoner of war appears at the shore near Dr. Sadao’s house wounded and Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana move over their feelings of hatred towards him and they treat him until he is capable of taking care of himself. Not only they treat him but dr. Sadao also helps him escape. He arranges all the things that are required for him to escape.  By this humble and kind act, the theme of the story stands clear that humanity should rise above all.
  3. Through the story, the writer also shows the impact of war on the life of normal people and she does so by presenting an American wounded soldier who has to face the fury of the weather and the hostility of the Japanese people.


Dr. Sadao:

  1. Scientist
  2. A kind man and generous
  3. A well-established doctor
  4. A patriot
  5. A loving caring and devoted family man
  6. A dedicated surgeon
  7. VII.Committed to his professional duty

Dr.Sadao’s Father:

  1. A patriot by heart
  2. Stern in his believes and loves his Japanese values
  3. Futuristic
  4. Traditional and conventional man
  5. A very quiet man and very serious ( never jokes nor plays with his son)


  1. Dr. Sadao’s wife
  2. Responsible
  3. Dignified and graceful
  4. Supportive
  5. A balanced woman                                          

Tom (Prisoner of War):

  1. American wounded soldier
  2. Brave enough to survive the wounds by rocks and the furious waves as well
  3. Has a rough yellow beard
  4. Has long yellow hair

General Takima:

  1. Ruthless (beats his wife)
  2. Not promising
  3. Self-centered
  4. Selfish
  5. Unfaithful towards  his nation

Dr. Sadao’s servants:

  1. Consider the prisoner of war as  their enemy
  2. Protest against his presence in the house
  3. Patriotic and nationalistic
  4. Disapprove of their master’s kindness towards him
  5. Very loyal to the Doctor
  6. Return to their services or duty after the prisoner leaves the house.

The story is basically divided into three parts

  1. The sudden appearance of the Prisoner of War.  (Introduction or Beginning)
  2. Doctor Sadao and his wife Hanna’s constant tussle and hesitation about treating the white man and his actual treatment. (Middle)
  3. The escape of the prisoner of war. (End)


The story revolves around Dr.Sadao a Japanese surgeon and his family. One fine day Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana saw a man washed by the waves and they immediately go near him to treat him. When they turned him they realized that he is a white man, an American, Prisoner of war. They go in dilemma whether they should treat him or not because harboring or treating an enemy would bring danger to their family. Even then they treat him and Dr. Sadao prompted by the professional duty he operates upon him extracts a bullet from his body and saves his life. He also does not hand him over to the police. He does his duty as a citizen by telling about the man to the general. When the general fails to send his promised assassins, he helps the white man to escape to a nearby island in a boat.